Enhance Your Brand with Custom Can Labels.

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Can Labels.

Discover the versatility and cost-effective advantages of custom can labels. While many beverages come with pre-printed designs on the can, using custom labels presents an excellent solution for various situations. Learn about the materials, color options, application methods, and benefits of opting for custom can labels.

Materials and Colours:

Custom can labels are commonly made from durable polypropylene (PP), suitable for liquids and condensation exposure. Unlike paper labels that can become soggy and damp, polypropylene ensures longevity. To prevent slipperiness, consider using a laminate like matt or sandy sandpaper-like texture, providing additional grip.

Design Flexibility:

Using labels allows a broader range of colors without the limitations of the raw silver color of the can. Labels offer a blank canvas for creative designs, ensuring better color accuracy and a high-quality brand experience. Metallic effects can still be achieved using foil colors and metallic silver backgrounds with white ink back-up.

Print Technology:

Eco Labels employs cutting-edge digital label presses to deliver top-notch custom can labels.

Ideal Label Size:

While the exact label size may vary depending on the can, a common size for 330ml cans is 85mm x 205mm. This size ensures the label fits perfectly without overlapping or covering the tapered edges. Always measure your specific can for precise dimensions.


Custom printed can labels typically prove to be a faster and more economical option compared to pre-printed cans. Sourcing custom printed cans often involves expensive tooling and print plates, along with high minimum order quantities. Labels offer greater flexibility and shorter lead times, making them a cost-efficient choice.

Application Process:

For optimal results, use a label applicator to stick custom can labels to the surface evenly, avoiding bubbles and creases. Labels should be supplied narrow edge leading and rolled onto a specific core size as required by the applicator.

Designing Your Label:

Ensure your label includes essential elements like can capacity, product ingredients, barcodes, health warnings (for alcoholic beverages), and company contact details. Add your brand logo and flavor information for a complete and eye-catching design. Our in-house design team is ready to assist you throughout the design journey.

Where to Get Custom Printed Can Labels:

For all your custom can label needs, Eco Labels is your trusted expert. We offer a wide range of custom self-adhesive labels, including custom printed can labels suitable for both hand and automatic application. Elevate your brand with our premium labelling solutions.

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